Manufacturing Facility

Today, Albert Hawk operates a manufacturing facility sprawling across 50,000 sq ft, designed & equipped with best-in-class machinery, technologies and processes spearheaded by an expert team of 100-plus professionals. Company also actively support Make In India Initiative. The company’s manufacturing facility is in compliance with WHO. Each department is equipped with the state-of-art machinery, which are in compliance with cGMP. Company also has huge storage capacity for raw material, packaging material and finished goods with controlled temperature and humidity.


Manufacturing Utility

  • Separate Air Handling Unit (AHU) for each zone. Total 32 AHUs are installed at our facility. Each of the primary packaging department has their own separate AHUs.
  • In-House purify water plant for Reverse Osmosis Water & Demineralized Water.
  • In house, we have fully equipped Physiochemical laboratory.
  • In house, we have fully equipped Microbiology laboratory.
  • ETP installed as per Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB).
  • Air-Curtains & PVC curtains are Installed at required entries to prevent air-contamination.
  • Separate Dispensing Booths for API & Excipients to avoid cross contamination.
  • Air Conditioning is provided wherever required i.e. R.M. Storage, P.M. Storage, Secondary Packaging, Retain Sample and Instrument Lab etc.
  • Separate defined areas for Each Critical Processing Zones to avoid cross contamination.
  • Air compression with moisture separator.
  • An Elevator for handing materials.
  • Our plant is fully installed with fire extinguisher.
  • 24 hours security.

Manufacturing Premises

The whole building is based on RCC frame structure & internal surface of the wall is plastered with impervious material

  • All of the doors & windows are of Aluminium frame & Steel/Glass.
  • Double Flushed View Panels in passage area for ease of inspection.
  • No wood or asbestos components in the manufacturing area.
  • All furniture was made from Stainless Steel.
  • Our plant is totally termite and pest free.
  • All Floor's height as per the Food And Drug Control Administration (FDCA) norms.
  • Our Production unit can be run in all shifts for all business days.
  • We have conceal electric wires, water pipes inside the wall, ceiling and flooring.
  • Our flooring built with policed and dust free with Epoxy Coating.

Production Capacity

Dosage Form Capacity/month
Tablet 150 million per month
Capsule 50 million per month
Oral Liquid 2 million bottles per month
External Preparation 2 million tube per month
Oral Powder 1 million bottle per month